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A Transformative Platform For Water

Evoqua has joined Xylem, creating the world’s most advanced platform of capabilities to address mission-critical water challenges.

  • Evoqua Joins Xylem
  • ETS-UV™ VXM Series
  • Clean Water Challenge Game
  • Product Innovation Award
  • Digital Water
  • Sustainability

Evoqua Joins Xylem

As one company, we are creating a transformative global platform, bringing the most advanced technologies and capabilities to help our customers solve their biggest water challenges.

Latest Innovation in UV Disinfection Systems

Introducing our latest medium pressure UV offering designed for superior treatment of industrial water in applications requiring high doses. The new VXM range targets both dechlorination efforts as well as disinfection for sugar syrups.

Clean Water Challenge Game

New interactive water quality game unveiled for Georgia Aquarium visitors. The Clean Water Challenge illustrates the importance of water filtration and reuse for ocean animals.

Product Innovation Award

Xylem receives Frost & Sullivan award for innovative smart water system management solutions enhancing production uptime. This award comes to Xylem through the recent addition of Evoqua Water Technologies to its portfolio in May of this year.

Smart Water Solutions

Water One® service, our worry-free digital water management platform, helps ensure your water treatment system keeps flowing.

Sustainable At Our Core

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of Evoqua and drives our people, our innovations, our business practices and our impact in the community.

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Featured Case Studies

 Case Study Case Study

Village of Johnson Creek WWTF Replaces Biological Treatment System

Orbal system helps municipality achieve consistent compliance while providing flexibility for future population growth.

 Case Study   Case Study 

Evoqua Removes PFAS from Michigan Construction Site

Evoqua's dewatering and filtration solution removed the PFAS to non-detect levels and reintroduced clean water back into the sewer system.

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